You may have noticed in the past few years a lot of these “buy and build” businesses flooding the world with heavy advertising on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc, claiming that you can build your own website for $1.00 or even FREE!! That’s like saying “Yeah you can buy this house for $1.00 but you have to build it on your own without any plans”.

The biggest problem with these DIY website companies is that it can and WILL end up costing you the same as a real website; that’s the reality of it. Want email addresses with your website? You can add on another $8.40p/mth for that, something we DO NOT charge for.

Come for our Low Monthly Payments (that you will be paying forever)!

Say for example, you have a successful eCommerce business which has been running for 5 years. At a price of $40p/mth, + $8.40p/mth for emails, you would’ve paid $2904 on your website (sourced from Squarespace pricing), and that’s all on the basis that you have designed the entire website yourself and uploaded all your products too! They capture you with the enticement of the “low monthly payments”, but when does that fee end?? The answer is never. You will be paying it for the lifetime of the website which, if you intend on your business being successful for years to come, you could be paying thousands for it! You are also restricted within their proprietary system environment and will struggle trying to do anything that requires external plugins.

What is WordPress and how can you benefit from it?

To describe it simply, WordPress is a free and open source collection of scripts that allows anyone to build a blog or business website free of charge.

It utilises a huge assortment of what’s called “plugins” and supported by tens of thousands of developers. It is a tool we as website developers love to use, because it allows us the complete flexibility to customise a clients website however they may like, with whatever they may want on their site. It also allows the client to have complete control over the content using a simple text editor in the back end, similar to Microsoft Word™. All this and still being supported by a giant network of programmers!

Even Google has partnered with WordPress to help create a stronger, better, faster web.*

Utilise a Professional to do a Professional Service!

You wouldn’t try and fix your own teeth, or upgrade the electrical wiring in your own home would you?? The answer would (hopefully!) be no right?

When you need a professional service, you should turn to a professional. We can develop you exactly the type of website that will fit with your business and, with decades of experience behind us, you can be sure you’re getting expert advice when it comes to anything to do with getting your business found on the World Wide Web!


* The need for speed: Google dedicates engineering team to accelerate development of WordPress ecosystem –