Why your Sports Club should have a website

Local sports clubs are the backbone of many communities. They provide people with exercise, social interaction a sense of fulfilment and a life purpose. Whether you are into football, soccer, netball, hockey, cricket, basketball or any other sport, joining a local sports club for yourself or family is vitally important to your physical and mental well being.

Website v’s Facebook

A sports club website can provide much much more than a Facebook page can. On a sporting club website you can include on-line registration forms, sell apparel and merchandise via an online store, promote junior and senior competitors, encourage new memberships, training notices and location details (Google Map) of your sporting fields. Plus the websites are usually found in Google search result above Facebook pages.

Give Sponsors value for money

Many clubs are funded by sponsors and local businesses. A dedicated sports club website will help provide value to these important sponsors by way of including their logos in the header or footer of every page or even a page dedicated for your major sponsors.

Here are two example of sporting clubs websites in Taree and Forster.

Great Lakes United Football Club – http://thevikings.org.au/

Taree Tigers Hockey Club – http://tigershockey.org.au/

Does your Club need a Website?

If your club would like to have a professional website developed and customise to your requirements, please call Golden Age Media on 1300 766 713 or (02) 6557 6358 to see how we can help you. We would love to hear from you to help promote your club on the internet.