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When it comes to eye-catching websites, the truth is that bad images often ruin good design.

Golden Age Media are aware of the current market for websites, capturing the customer from the moment they search for your website and engaging them; this is imperative for strong brand awareness and development.

What makes a great website? An eye catching website design with great content, mobile device capability and most importantly the right photographs. Photographs can either have the power to strengthen a brand and engage the customer or it can damper the users experience, thus leading to a potential loss of the customers interest.

Golden Age Media have access to an in-house, professional commercial photographer, with years of experience in all forms of imagery, who is extremely approachable and understanding of your needs to create the perfect image to help your business and brand grow. Additionally, we have access to a huge library of location, landscape, real estate, corporate and commercial images.

All images are available in low resolution format that is perfect for your website, or high resolution images if you wish to obtain a complete digital or print marketing campaign.


Check out the examples below of some of our previous photographic work.

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